Tour of the tropics

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Charge: € 95,- (plus admission)
25 visitors max. per guide

During this one and a half hour conducted tour, our wildlife guide shows you all the highlights that the Orchideeën Hoeve has to offer. As the tour proceeds from one continent to the next, the guide explains all about our flora and fauna, while focusing on topics including our passion, the gardens, the creatures and numerous interesting facts. Why is the Lory also known as the Blue Mountain Lory? How does the life cycle of the butterfly progress? How often should an Orchid be watered? Our guide dispels all the popular myths, thus enabling you to view the wildlife of the tropics from a
totally different perspective.

Reservations and additional information

You must make your reservation in advance if your group wants to make use of a lecture or a guided tour. Contact the reception desk in this regard: Tel: +31 - (0)527 - 20 28 75 or