The park

  • The Park The Orchideeën Hoeve

Visit the indoor Orchideeën Hoeve and experience far-flung destinations up-close. Wander through the tropical gardens and let yourself be surprised by the most beautiful plants, flowers, and animals. Visits Europe's largest butterfly garden, play with the parrots, and explore the Mangrove Forest. In one instant, you will travel from the middle of the Amazonian Rainforest to a fairytale-like world of flowers. Consult our amenities map and you will know exactly what to anticipate.

Discover the animals

In addition to numerous plants and flowers, the Orchideeën Hoeve is home to many more of nature’s treasures. Spot the monkeys, flutter along with the tropical butterflies, and feed the catfish. View the list of our animals to discover which animal species you might encounter in the tropical park.


From a freshly made sandwich and healthy salads to a farmer’s schnitzel or a delicious pancake. Bistro ‘De Sakura’ and the cosy greenhouse restaurant offer a delicious cup of coffee, lunch and/or dinner. Both of these eateries each have their own menu and range of food and drinks.

Orchid shop

Complete your day trip to our tropical gardens with a visit to our inspiring shop. The shop carries houseplants, decorative items, and souvenirs, in addition to splendid orchids. The shop is also the place to be if you have questions about caring for orchids. The Orchideeën Hoeve has been growing orchids for more than sixty years and will gladly advise you!