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New! Lemur Kingdom

In March 2018, the Orchideeën Hoeve inaugurated a brand new outdoor section, called ‘The Lemur Kingdom’. In the Lemur Kingdom, the visitor is a guest in a world where animals enjoy room to roam around freely. Exotic flamingos and comical white call ducks, among other species, are living along the banks of a gigantic pond and can be fed by the visitors. The most remarkable group consists of seventeen lemurs. “This group had a bad experience in Spain. Thanks to the AAP foundation, we were able to give them a new future on two splendid lemur islands in the Lemur Kingdom,” proudly explains co-owner Jeroen Maarssen.

Outside, yet covered

The Lemur Kingdom is the first outdoor experience at the Orchideeën Hoeve. “While you are outside in the Lemur Kingdom, the covered walking route makes it possible to visit it in all weather conditions. It was a very challenging new-build project, but we are very proud of the final result,” says Jeroen Maarssen. “The animals have been provided with ample room to fly around, climb, jump, and swim freely. That is wonderful for the animals as well as the visitors who visibly enjoy this,” says Maarssen.

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