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Meet the flower caretaker

Our flower team works 60 hours per week to have the ‘Suspended’ Flower Garden bloom exuberantly throughout the year. The caretaker will guide your guests around, while talking about picking flowers, ingenious irrigation system, the nutrition, and the biological approach to eradication. In addition, he will highlight various summer flowers and share practical tips for care.

Duration: 20 minutes

Charge 1 - 25 persons: € 39,50 per person (plus admission)
Charge 26 - 200 persons: € 75,00 per person (plus admission)

When it is more than 25 people, the tour will take place in the 'Jungletheater'.

Reservations and additional information

You must make your reservation in advance if your group wants to make use of a lecture or a guided tour. Contact the reception desk in this regard: Tel: +31 - (0)527 - 20 28 75 or

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