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Alpacafarm Flevoland

In the morning, your group will visit the Orchideeën Hoeve, where you will be served the ‘Coffee Time’ package. Upon arrival at the Orchideeën Hoeve, you will be welcomed with coffee or tea and fresh pastries from the bakery. Next, you will visit the gardens unaccompanied, including the Orchid Garden, the Butterfly Garden, and the ‘Suspended’ Flower Garden. An extensive cold meal will be waiting for you at the cosy greenhouse restaurant once you exit the gardens. All visitors will receive a gift-wrapped orchid at their departure.

Petting alpacas at AlpacaWorld in Flevoland

After lunch, you will depart for Rutten unaccompanied. You will be warmly welcomed at the alpaca farm by the Dingemanse family. They will treat you twice to coffee or tea with freshly baked local pastries (Ruttens brok) while telling you everything about alpacas. Together with the llama and the camel, the alpaca belongs to the Camelidae family. In the past, this woolly animal was used for transporting clothing and food. Nowadays, however, they are raised for their very fine and high-quality wool. You will be shown an informational film about the alpaca business. Then, you will go out to meet the alpacas in person. You are allowed to pet the animals and even feed them if you feel up to it. Naturally, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and you will also have the option to buy alpaca products in the shop.

Combined trip includes

- 2x coffee/tea with assorted pastries
- Entrance to the gardens
- Standard lunch
Different kinds of bread, cold cuts, cheese, sweets and 2 cups of coffee or tea
- Gift wrapped Orchid flower
- 2x coffee/thee with ’Ruttens brok’ (spiced loaf) incl. a small talk and a introduction film
- Meet the Alpaca’s on the farm and a chance tot feed and cuddle the Alpaca’s.

Price per Person
15 - 24 persons: 39,85 Euro
25 - 50 persons: 38,51 Euro

Please note:
* This group package can only be booked for groups of 10 or more persons.
* Do you prefer a hot meal or a luxury lunch instead of the standard cold meal? This package can be fully tailored to your preferences. Click here suggested options and individual prices.

Address Alpacafarm:
Alpaca Flevoland
IJzerpad 16
8313 PL Rutten

Reservations and additional information

You must make reservations for this combination package. You can do so via or +31 - (0)527 - 20 28 75 (stating your address information, telephone number, date of visit, and the number of persons).

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