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SkyFlora Garden

The SkyFlora Garden teleports you into a magical world of flowers, where thousands of colourful blossoms form an endless cloud over your head. Its singular concept was derived from the world-famous Japanese cherry blossom season and is as yet unique in Europe.

A summery destination

It is summertime the whole year round in the SkyFlora Garden. More than two thousand fuchsias, begonias, geraniums, and busy Lizzies float above your head in this new garden. Mirrored walls are used to create a sense of floral infiniteness and idyllic little gazebos invite you to take refuge under this sea of flowers and to take in this intense experience of natural beauty.

Hanami Matsuri

The new nature experience draws its inspiration from the Hanami Matsuri, the world-famous Japanese cherry blossom festival. The Sakura (cherry trees) are part of an important tradition in Japanese culture and are a huge tourist attraction. Thousands of local and foreign visitors throng to the garden with their families and friends as soon as the blossoms appear on the trees to celebrate nature’s awakening under a sea of blossoms.

Bistro ‘De Sakura’

A new greenhouse, two thousand square metres large and seven metres high, has been built to display the floral extravaganza. Japanese tradition drives the design even though the concept has a Mediterranean appearance. Consequently, the garden offers plenty of seating where you can take in the floral vistas as much as you want. Furthermore, Bistro ‘De Sakura’ serves summertime delicacies if this makes you hungry.

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