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Play Paradise

Are you a real adventurer who can survive in the jungle? Test your survival skills in the 1000 square metre, indoor playground in the Orchideeën Hoeve.

Tip: Put your boots on and bring a spare set of clothes for worry-free fun!

Fully covered playground

Fight your way through intimidating foliage in the water-rich playground of the Orchideeën Hoeve and forge a path through marches and jungle. Pump water out of the ground and transport sand over the plain Travel through the tree tops and cross babbling brooks by swinging across on lianas, crawling through dark tunnels or holding on to hanging branches. Do not be shocked when you encounter a growling bear or a prowling tiger... The new romping grounds are for real daredevils who do not fear wet feet and excitement!

A playground for all ages!

The adventurous jungle playground at the Orchideeën Hoeve opened in 2016. It offers boundless fun for children of all ages. Moreover, there is a coffee corner with seating for the parents and/or chaperones.

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