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Orchid Garden

Do not be surprised if you fail to encounter an orchid while walking through the tropics. Orchids namely love light, which is rare in the dense jungle. Orchids overcome this by solidly securing their long aerial roots to the tree bark. This enables them to hitch a ride to the light on the growing tree tops. Orchideeën Hoeve’s Orchid Garden offers you the opportunity to admire these so-called epiphytes -growing at inaccessible heights in tropical settings all over the world- at eye level.

Exceptional orchids

Stroll along tortuous trails under the aerial roots of the Vanda orchids while keeping a watchful eye. This Orchid Garden is home not only to exceptional orchids clinging to tree trunks or branches rich in humus, but also to various tropical flowers and plants. This tropical Eden requires the humidity to be maintained at 70%, a higher level than the one we are used to in the Netherlands.

The waterfall

The large waterfall in the Orchid Garden discharges into a small river running through the garden as a lifeline. Pause on one of the little bridges in that garden to be treated to a magnificent view of the jungle garden, while numerous koi and turtles swim beneath you.

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