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Meerkat Garden

While you are surveying the savannah, the “sentry” in the Meerkat Garden has already long spotted your arrival! The Meerkat Garden is the territory of six very inquisitive meerkats. This desert-like area offers the little predators ample space to romp about and to display their greatest skill: digging!

Visitors’ favourite

The meerkats are many people’s favourites. The small animals are very inquisitive and visitors do not distract them from their daily routine. Seated on a little bench or on the wall, you can easily witness how the meerkats dig a network of tunnels in no time or joyfully play with each other in the Meerkat Garden. All this does take place under the watchful eye of the “sentry”. There namely is always one meerkat positioned as an outlook high on the rocks. This “sentry” will alert the group when there is imminent danger.

The meerkat’s diet

If you are lucky, you will see how our animal keepers feed the meerkats during your visit to the Orchideeën Hoeve. The meerkats have a very varied diet. While they love mealworms and grasshoppers, pieces of apple, melon, and grapes are also a part of their daily sustenance. In the Meerkat Garden, you can also spot feeding bowls containing a delicious mixture of vegetables. Yet, these are not intended for the meerkats, but for the four African spurred tortoises keeping the meerkats company in their enclosure.

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