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Lemur Kingdom

Entering the Lemur Kingdom is stepping into an idyllic outdoor world inhabited by a variety of animals living free. Wander along the banks of the vast pond and admire the acrobatics of the curious ring-tailed lemurs, waddle along with dozens of ducks, get up close and personal with the woolly alpacas, and enjoy the foraging flamingos. The covered walking route makes it possible to explore the Lemur Kingdom in any season.


The Lemur Kingdom is ruled by fourteen ring-tailed lemurs and two common brown lemurs. Their demeanour ranges from curious to stubborn and from comical to endearing. The lemurs each have a unique character and eagerly demonstrate what they excel in on the two large lemur islands: jumping, playing, grooming, and sunbathing. Their sizeable indoor accommodations also provide them with ample room and allow you to observe their capers.


The gigantic pond constitutes the lifeline of the Lemur Kingdom. There are little benches along the bank that offer a magnificent view of the waterfall and where you can enjoy the flamingos frequently retracting one of their legs to warm up and rest. You can often find the white call ducks, mandarin ducks, and ringed teals floating on the water. Yet, they also waddle frequently onto the path in the hope of getting a treat from you!

Covered route

As it is a covered corridor, the walking route through the Lemur Kingdom can be used throughout the year. You will also find the enclosure for our five alpacas in this corridor. Do you dare to pet them?

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