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Jungle Theatre

With a little luck, your voyage through the tropics might take you to a spectacular show at the Jungle Theatre. The Jungle Theatre is located in the centre of the jungle and offers numerous surprises. Mysterious animals will come to life as the sunlight fades under the dense foliage of the jungle and you will encounter exceptional tropical plants.

Shows at the Jungle Theatre

The fearless adventurers of the Orchideeën Hoeve speak the language of the tropics. The woodland theatre setting serves as their backdrop while they tell about their adventures, disclose fun trivia, and introduce you to residents of the tropics more up-close than you ever been before.

Nature trivia

Make yourself comfortable on one of the tree trunk seats and enjoy nature’s ingenuity. Just be careful! Before you know it, the plants will start moving and divulge a hairy tarantula or wriggling ball python.

The Jungle Theatre is open only during shows at scheduled times.

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