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Citrus Avenue

Would you like to know how pineapples grow or what impact a kiwi has on your health? In that case, a walk along the Citrus Avenue will answer all your questions! This tortuous path transecting the orchid fields is bordered by various tropical fruit trees and plants, such as orange trees and agaves.

Health benefits and fruit-related trivia

Each fruit tree has its own specific story and health benefits. For example, Citrus Avenue will lead you along an olive tree more than one hundred years old as well as past texts about the health benefits of lemons. Walkers of all ages can see how fruit grows on tropical trees and read unusual trivia to learn everything about the origins of fruit, its benefits, and the illnesses that it can cure.

Citrus bar ‘Pura Vida’

The Citrus bar ‘Pura Vida’ is located midway down Citrus Avenue. It is a tropical bar offering natural seating where you can rest and enjoy a beverage.

Note that the plants along Citrus Avenue are seasonal and do not bloom the whole year long.

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