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Caterpillars nursery

At first glance, the caterpillar nursery seems to house mainly plants. However, you will detect the most exquisite caterpillars and chrysalises as soon as you get close to the plants. This nursery serves to incubate the eggs of the glasswinged butterfly, Julia butterfly, and the owlet moth, among other species. It is an impressive facility where you can observe the life cycle of the butterfly (eggs, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly).


A butterflies main goal in life is to reproduce. So, do not be surprised when you see an enamoured couple of butterflies in the Butterfly Valley. Once these lovebirds have satisfied their passion, the female will deposit its fertilised eggs on a host plant. Our butterfly caretaker will place this host plant in the nursery so the butterfly’s cycle can be completed uninterrupted.

The life cycle of the butterfly

After a few days, the eggs will hatch and caterpillars will crawl all over the host plant with only one thing on their minds, to devour it. It is in this phase that the caterpillar will moult several times as its skin does not grow. This will take place four to five times throughout its life. Its last moult transforms the caterpillar into a chrysalis. A few weeks later, the chrysalis will burst open and produce a butterfly. As soon as the butterfly can fly, the caretaker will release it in the Butterfly Valley, where it will look for a suitable mate and repeat the cycle.

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