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Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Valley at the Orchideeën Hoeve in the Netherlands is the largest in Europe. More than 2,000 colourful butterflies, such as the Peleides Blue Morpho, the rice paper butterfly, and the owlet moth, call this garden home and peacefully flutter along babbling brooks and melliferous flora. Special mountain trails and steps in the Butterfly Valley allow you to access all the spots were the butterflies reside.

Tropical butterfly garden

Entering this garden is like going on a sun-drenched Central American holiday due to its warm temperature, high humidity, and beautiful fauna and flora surrounding you. It is one of the most popular gardens for all ages in the 25,000 m2-large indoor tropical park.

Costa Rican butterflies

The Orchideeën Hoeve breeds an number of its tropical butterflies itself. In addition, we import more than fifty-five different species of butterflies from Costa Rica and the Philippines every week. They are shipped by post in the form of chrysalises. Once they arrive at the tropical park, the chrysalises are suspended in the chrysalis cases by means of a minuscule needle. It then takes ten days for the chrysalis to transform finally into a butterfly.

Tropical birds, an iguana, and koi

Other animals also populate this butterfly garden, besides our numerous winged little friends. Cheerful tropical birds, such as the crested partridge and the Gouldian finch can be found frolicking together in the feeder, while the metres-long iguana peacefully wanders beneath them. The rushing mountain stream empties itself in a large pond containing koi feasting on feed pellets and bordered by peaceful tropical banks on which turtles rest.

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