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Amazonian Rainforest

Entering the Amazonian Rainforest is as if being transported to a tropical rainforest far away. The Amazonian Rainforest consists of three growth layers, just like an actual rainforest. This mature garden makes it possible for trees and plants to reach their full size. Examples are the metres-high white Strelitzia or tropical palms such as the Mexican Washingtonia and the clustering fishtail palm!

Tropical fauna and flora

The eighteen metres-long principal bridge transects the Amazonian Rainforest. This bridge provides you with a beautiful view of the animals and plants living in the various growth layers. For example, observe white-eared marmosets and white-lipped tamarins cavorting on the branches, enjoy the ringed teals taking a nap on one leg, and admire the beauty of the vanilla orchid, the bromeliad, and the staghorn fern.

Wilderness trails

Do you love adventure? In that case, take the adventurous routes through the Amazonian Rainforest. Cross the pond just above the water level via a ramshackle rope bridge, tackle rocky trails, and jump from one stone to another to reach the end of the fast-flowing brook, hopefully without getting wet. Just be careful! The garden namely also houses enormous aquatic monsters. Redtail catfishes are keeping a close eye on you from their Amazonian pond. Even so, they will gladly accept the shrimp that you can feed to them.

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