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Tropical birds

In the butterfly Valley, close your eyes to fully appreciate cheerful birdsong. This garden is namely home not just to beautiful butterflies, but also to various tropical birds. If you are able to visually spot these joyous musicians, you will be rewarded with intense colours and lightning fast movements of Gouldian finches, African silverbills, crested partridges, and king quails.

Gouldian finch, African silverbill, and common waxbill

The Gouldian finches, African silverbills, tricoloured parrot-finches, and king quails travel through the Butterfly Valley by flying very quickly. These small flutterers are lightning fast. However, they will not disappoint you once you succeed in spotting them. Their magical colours, the joyful chirping, and their agile bodies are namely a sight to behold. Do you see some drops flying around from time to time? That is not so unusual. These little birds tend to take baths in the babbling brook flowing through the Butterfly Valley.

Crested partridges and king quails

Flying is not exactly the favourite pastime of the crested partridges and king quails. The pheasant-like birds prefer to remain with both feet firmly on the ground. They prefer to rummage for food through the dense forestation of the Butterfly Valley. Crested partridges and king quails most of all prefer to wander through the garden together. These ‘birds of a feather’ make soft peeping sounds to avoid losing each other in the jungle. Hence, listen carefully when you find yourself in the largest butterfly garden of the Netherlands...

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