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Remain alert while you are visiting the Amazonian Rainforest. There is after all a good chance that you will see white-eared marmosets and white-lipped tamarins. Thanks to the AAP foundation (Stichting AAP), these lightning fast callitrichids have found a new home and paradise at the Orchideeën Hoeve.

White-lipped tamarins

The white-lipped tamarins (Saguinus labiatus) can be recognised by their reddish-brown stomach and white hairs surrounding their nose and lips. Callitrichids originate from the South American rainforests, are approximately 25 centimetres long, and can become 25 years old. They have a reputation of being very playful and very much live up to that in our Amazonian Rainforest: the white-lipped tamarins expertly jump from branch to branch. They do so by means of their sharp claws, which ensure a secure grip on the bark.

White-eared marmosets

The small primates with white tufts near their ears in the Amazonian Rainforest are white-eared marmosets (Callithrix jacchus). These grey primates originate from South America, are approximately 19 centimetres tall, and grow a tail 28 centimetres long. White-eared marmosets will dash through the Amazonian Rainforest with swift, jerky movements. They use their senses to detect danger and track down sources of food. They communicate with each other through birdlike sounds and facial expressions.

Spot the monkeys!

Would you like to catch a glimpse of the white-eared marmosets and white-lipped tamarins? Get here on time! The callitrichids will turn in for a nap around 15:30.

Other residents of the Amazonian Rainforest are koi, ringed teals, and redtail catfish.

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