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You will run into the merry lories as soon as you enter the Lory Garden. Sixty clownish little parrots will immediately capture your attention with their funny capers and ensure that your stay will be an unforgettable experience.

Blue Mountain Lories

The lory (Trichoglossus moluccanus) is native to Australia and Tasmania. There, the rainbow lory is as familiar as the Dutch house sparrow is here. You will spot these brightly coloured birds everywhere you go ‘down under’. In the past, the lory could mainly be observed near the Blue Mountains, a mountain range west of Sydney. The Blue Mountains are host to many species of eucalyptus trees that secrete bluish drops of oil. These secretions make it seem like the mountains are blue. Therefore, the lories are sometimes called the ‘Blue Mountain Lories’ in Australian vernacular.

Feeding Lories

You are allowed to feed the lories a small cup of nectar. At the entrance of the aviary, you can obtain a small cup filled with their favourite feed: a special mixture of fruit juices and nutritious substances. When you then enter the aviary, the lories will land on your head, arms, and shoulders to empty the small cup as carefully as possible. It is a hilarious experience that you should not miss!

Bird-free route

You can also use the bird-free route if you do not like these cheerful birds. This route makes it possible for you to safely observe the lories, your family, and this unforgettable experience from a distance.

Note that dogs are not allowed in the aviary of the Lory Garden. The lories share the Lory Garden with koi.

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