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Do not be surprised if you suddenly run into an iguana while following a colourful butterfly. This greyish green animal is namely a resident of the Butterfly Valley.

Iguana iguana

The green iguana is native to Central America, South America, and the Caribbean islands. There, it is sometimes referred to as iguana iguana. The green iguana is known for its climbing abilities, as well as its love for sunbathing. Its sharp claws enable it to climb trees and bushes, looking for a sunny spot to sunbathe without being disturbed. The green iguana can frequently be spotted in the Butterfly Garden while sunbathing in the treetops or on one of the many rock formations.

Length of the iguana

The iguana will easily draw your attention while talking a walk through the Butterfly Valley. After all, this imposing animal is one and half metres long! Its pointy tail is its longest body part and is one metre long.

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