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Do not be surprised if you see a couple of ducks waddling past on your hike through the tropical park. The Amazonian rainforest and the Lemur Kingdom are namely inhabited by ringed teals, white call ducks, mandarin ducks, and numerous other cute little ducks.

Ringed teals

These gentle little ducks originate from the tropical forests in South America. You can clearly see the difference between male and female by their feathers. The female is predominantly brownish grey with a spotted breast and a white eyebrow spot. The male, also referred to as the drake, has reddish-brown wings, grey sides, and a brown back.


The ringed teals frequently land on tree trunks and bridges to rest. While resting, the birds generate less body heat. They compensate for this by keeping one leg close to their body and covering their head with one of their wings. This minimises their heat loss.

Ducks in the Lemur Kingdom

From call ducks to mandarin ducks and from ringed teals to white-faced tree ducks. You will spot dozens of little ducks on your journey through the Lemur Kingdom. Floating on the water or waddling on the paths, they will try to impress you in hopes that you will give them a delicious treat.

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