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The Park

25,000 m2 of tropical fauna and flora under a single roof.

Have you ever made a trip around the world in a single day? Visit Europe's largest tropical gardens and experience far-flung destinations close by. Accompany us through Asia, Australia, and Middle and South America and discover a colourful world overflowing with orchids, lories, and butterflies. An indoor venue, wheelchair-accessible and child-friendly.

Discover, experience, enjoy, laugh, and admire
Admire thousands of species of wild and rare orchids, feed the rare fish, enjoy the beautiful colours and aromas, and visit Europe's largest butterfly garden, home to more than 2000 butterflies. The voyage crossing the four different continents is an adventure for young and old.

New: Lory garden
In the lory garden, you will discover a world with more than eighty colourful Blue Mountain Lories. You will be given the opportunity to feed the lories yourself through a small feed container containing nectar. The lory will cautiously land on your arm and relish the delicious nectar. A unique experience for all ages!

For all ages
The Orchideeën Hoeve offers everything needed for a fun, instructive, and exciting outing. Conclude your visit with scrumptious food and drinks in the greenhouse restaurant or shopping in the shop. Children can participate in an exciting scavenger hunt and enjoy romping about in the Mangrove Forest Play Paradise: an indoor playground with abundant water features and turtles.

Open 7 days a week year-round!