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New: Lory Garden with eighty colourful parrots!
15-05-2014 00:00:00

The new Lory Garden is a festival of colours for all ages! More than eighty colourful Rainbow Lorikeets fly around freely in this completely new aviary. Lories are active and curious small parrots that love to demonstrate their great agility in the air and their habits. Moreover, they love nectar! If you hold a small feed container in your hand, the Lory will swiftly land on your arm and savour the delicious snack.

The Rainbow Lorikeet is an arboreal species and originates from Australia. Features from this beautiful country have therefore been replicated in the new garden, notably in the vegetation and in marvellous wall paintings. We have also placed thirty nest boxes in the garden, offering pairs a place to breed. These nest boxes are a resounding success, as the first Lory chicks have already hatched!

Feeding the Lories is a unique experience for all ages. Lories are very social and enjoy sitting on your hand, shoulder or head. Are you a bit afraid of our colourful friends? There is an alternative bird-free route. It is a route outside the aviary, which allows you to nevertheless enjoy e.g. family members who are feeding the birds.