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New: Citrusavenue with fruit trees and Citrus Bar
24-10-2014 00:00:00

The trail from the Lory to the Butterfly garden has become far healthier and much more fun! In early October 2014, we constructed a new adventure trail which cuts right through the orchid fields and leads past all sorts of fruit trees and the ‘Pura Vida’ citrus bar. On Saturday 11 October 2014, the new trail was officially opened to the public, and we are delighted with the results! Curious? Check out the photos on Facebook by clicking here.

Fruit trees

The new trail meanders through the middle of the existing orchid fields. It is bordered by various types of fruit trees, including varieties such as orange, mandarin and kiwi. Many of these trees are really old, such as the hundred-year-old olive trees. Each fruit tree has its own particular story to tell, while also imparting healthy facts. This offers the young and elderly alike the opportunity, while they walk, to discover in an entertaining manner where fruit actually comes from, as well as learning just how much good two pieces of fruit a day can do a body.

Pura Vida Citrus Bar

Anyone who has worked up a serious thirst after viewing all that fresh fruit, can then pour themselves a nice healthy glass of orange juice in the new ‘Pura Vida’ citrus bar. The phrase ‘Pura Vida’ which means ‘Enjoy Life’ is highly popular in Costa Rica, which is a true paradise for butterfly enthusiasts. We heard the saying everywhere we went there, on a trip to gain inspiration for the butterfly garden, and soon conceived the idea for this new trail.