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Ludisia (Juwel Orchid)



Light: A bright spot, but no direct sunlight.

Temperature: Ensure a warm and moist environment.

Water: Put a wooden skewer in the potting compost and check regularly if the skewer is still wet. If the skewer is nearly dry, you’ll have to moisten the potting compost again.

Fertilization: Water the plant every fortnight with a special orchid fertilizer (20-20-20): apply a level teaspoon to 1 litre water and stir.
Do sprinkle a level teaspoon of lime over the potting compost 3 to 4 times a year.

Kind of soil: The plant needs to be repotted every 3 years or if the mix is exhausted. Please do this if the orchid has finished flowering (preferably in springtime) and do use an orchid mix.

After flowering: Please do cut off the stem at the bottom if it is past flowering.

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