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Lory Garden

Have you ever visited Australia?

The Lory Garden is a unique experience for all ages. This garden contains more than eighty colourful Rainbow Lorikeets. Lories are active and curious birds and will monopolise the attention of the visitors through their antics and noisy behaviour. In addition to impressing, they actually only want one more thing, namely to be fed. If you hold a small feed container in your hand, the Lory will carefully land on your arm and savour the delicious nectar in the container.

Bird-free route
Are you a bit afraid of our colourful friends? There is an alternative bird-free route. It is a route outside the aviary, which allows you to nevertheless enjoy e.g. family members who are feeding the birds.

Feeding Lories
For € 1.00, you can buy a small feed container with nectar at the entrance of the Lory Garden. When you offer the container to the birds, they will come to you.

Dogs are not allowed in the Lory Garden.