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The Rainbow Lorikeet is a cheerful and energetic little bird, whose antics and noisy behaviour attract a great deal of attention. This tree-dweller comes from Australia, where it is also known as the Blue Mountain Lory. The Lory thanks its name to the mountain range West of Sydney. The Lory was widely spotted around Sydney by the country’s first colonists, who gave it this name. The name Blue Mountains itself comes from the variety of eucalyptus trees that grows there. The eucalyptus secretes oil droplets which create a haze that makes the mountains look blue from a distance.

The house sparrow is to us in the Netherlands and other European countries what the Rainbow Lorikeet is to Australians. The Lory loves nectar and pieces of fruit, which the local people often put out to feed it in their back gardens. Lories are very easy to tame, which enables you - the visitor - to feed them by hand in the aviary. Lories are very sociable and enjoy perching on your hand, shoulder or head.