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Guides & lectures

Make the most of your visit by attending a lecture or engaging a guide!
You may choose to make your group visit even more fun and interesting by either attending a lecture or engaging the services of an official guide. Our wildlife guides are pleased to explain more about our tropical flora and fauna to you. During the course of their lecture or tour, they also make an effort to impart useful knowledge and dispel popular myths.

‘Butterfly’ lecture
Together with a wildlife guide, you set out in search of live butterflies, caterpillars and chrysalises in Butterfly Valley. Our guide’s lecture explains all about their life span, life cycle, feeding habits, camouflage and the most eye-catching butterflies. For instance, did you know that the Postman Butterfly flies exactly the same route every day? 

Duration:            20 min
Charge:                € 1.50 per person (plus admission)
Prices negotiable for groups of fewer than twenty people.

‘Lory’ lecture
Did you know that the Lory is known by various names, such as the Rainbow Lorikeet and the Blue Mountain Lory? Why is this the case, and what is the connection between these colourful little parrots and eucalyptus? Our wildlife guide answers these questions and many others during the ‘Lory’ lecture, which is held in the aviary, thus enabling the visitors who wish to feed the lories themselves. The guide offers you further insight into the lives of these cheerful little birds, enabling you to view our colourful feathered friends from a totally different perspective.

Duration: 20 min
Charge: € 1,50 p.p. (plus admission) Including several nectar feeders.
Prices negotiable for groups of fewer than twenty people.

‘Orchid’ lecture
How often should you water, fertilise and repot an orchid? What should I do with the aerial roots hanging over the edge of the pot? These are but a few examples of queries dealt with in our wildlife guide’s inspiring ‘Orchid’ lecture. The guide also explains about our passion, the gardens, while offering you practical tips on the care of orchids and answering your questions. The lecture is carried out using living plants, and is based on the 55 years of experience gained at the Orchideeën Hoeve.

Duration: 20 min
Charge: € 1.50 p.p. (plus admission)
Prices negotiable for groups of fewer than twenty people.

Guide: Tour of the tropics
During this one and a half hour conducted tour, our wildlife guide shows you all the highlights that the Orchideeën Hoeve has to offer. As the tour proceeds from one continent to the other, the guide also explains all about our flora and fauna, while focusing on topics including our passion, the gardens, the creatures and numerous interesting facts. Why is the Lory also known as the Blue Mountain Lory? How does the life cycle of the butterfly progress? How often should an orchid be watered? Our guide dispels all the popular myths, thus enabling you to view the wildlife of the tropics from a totally different perspective.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Charge: € 65 (plus admission) Including several nectar feeders
25 visitors max. per guide