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Koi Carp
Some of the ponds scattered throughout the gardens are full of koi carp. Koi are beautifully coloured fish which can grow to a length of 70 to 80 centimetres and live to the ripe old age of 40, given the right conditions. The carp here are so tame that they will even eat right out of your hand. Feed vending machines situated around the ponds enable you to buy a little fish food, for a small fee, with which to feed the carp yourself.

The ancient Romans discovered that carp are very robust fish, which might serve as the perfect source of food during their long campaigns throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. As a result of one of these campaigns carp were also introduced to China, where its brightly coloured mutations in particular became revered as a sacred fish. There, the carp is associated with strength, wisdom, perseverance and good fortune.

New: Amazon Pond
The newly laid (June 2013) Amazon Pond in the Malaysian garden currently accommodates four species of freshwater fish: the Red Tail Catfish, the Silver Arowana, the Leopard Sailfin Catfish and the Barred Shovelnose. Each of these river monsters has its own highly impressive appearance, and they can grow to colossal proportions.

The best thing about this pond is that it allows you to feed these river monsters yourself. Tubs of shrimps are available around the edge of the pond, which can be fed to the fish using tweezers. The big fish gobble up these tasty morsels in the blink of an eye! Curious to learn more about this? If so, click here to watch a movie clip.