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Care tips for orchids

With its more than 31000 species the orchid is one of the largest family of plants. They are found throughout the world, from very warm to very cold regions at the most unusual spots: the crown of a tree, humus branches, in and even under the ground.

It’s only logical most species need special care and/or treatment in the matter of watering, fertilizing and temperature. If we do take this into account it’s possible to grow and care orchids on the windowsill.

From all the natural species we’ve selected some you can grow in your livingroom. In the menu alongside the sorts are described briefly.

In addition, our Orchid doctor has listed a number of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers.

We wish you lots of success with your orchid(s)!

Cymbidium Dendrobium Nobile Dendrobium Phalaenopsis
Phalaenopsis Oncidium Zygopetalum
Vanda Encyclia Cochleata Ludisia
Miltonia Epidendrum Paphiopedilum