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The Butterfly Valley

Have you ever visited Central America?

The Butterfly Valley is a real jungle experience with wilderness trails and rushing mountain streams. The plants have been selected specifically for the benefit of the thousands of butterflies flying around in the garden.  The special mountain trails allow you to reach the high-altitude locations in the valley where the butterflies often reside. The loveliness of butterflies will make you feel welcome as soon as you enter.  The butterflies flutter from plant to plant for nectar and merrily around you.

Every week, hundreds of chrysalises from Costa Rica are suspended in the chrysalis cases. After the eclosion, the butterfly's adventure can begin and the cycle starts over. Butterflies, cheerful and amazing at the same time!

The butterfly garden as a wedding location
The butterfly garden is one of the wedding locations that the Orchideeën Hoeve can offer you. If you use the butterfly garden as a wedding location, you are assured of a stylish wedding ceremony that you will never forget. At the end of the ceremony, you can release a butterfly in the butterfly garden.