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Butterflies and moths (or Lepidoptera) form one of the world’s families of creatures, comprising over 160,000 species. Our Butterfly Valley is home to over 2000 butterflies representing 55 species. They are all tropical varieties and a delight to watch!

In the wild, these insects are a vital source of food to many birds. This is why many butterflies are either camouflaged, or have highly conspicuous wing patterns which scare potential enemies away. Thankfully, those that live in our butterfly enclosure face no threat whatsoever and therefore live just a little longer than they might in the wild. Most butterfly species live for an average of around one month. And you can witness the fascinating life cycle of the butterfly live. From egg to caterpillar and from caterpillar to chrysalis; you can see each of the stages right here.

If you observe them very carefully, then you will discover that each species has its own particular habits and characteristics. For instance, the Postman Butterfly flies exactly the same route every day, while the species which you notice hardly move at all are moths.